Mubea Chatbot

A chatbot for the recruitment of manufacturing workers for plants in Dolní Kralovice, Prostějov and Žebrák. In 30 days, the chatbot communicated with 479 people, out of which 170 of the most relevant were put in contact with HR managers.

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  • Problem

    Due to today’s complicated situation on the labour market, Mubea wanted to raise awareness of its brand in the catchment areas of its manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic – Dolní Kralovice, Prostějov, Žebrák, and was primarily looking for help in recruiting key people for the manufacture of carbon and other parts for car factories around the world. Everything had to be in line with Mubea’s vision of becoming the world leader in the development and manufacture of automotive products and deployment of the latest technologies for process automation and digitisation.

  • Our solution

    We developed a recruitment chatbot for Mubea that is able to convince candidates to discuss their past experience working in manufacturing and engineering companies, and what work they prefer. The chatbot was launched concurrently on the Mubea Facebook page and on the career pages at Together with the chatbot, we launched a Facebook recruitment campaign targeting the regions in which Mubea has its manufacturing facilities.

2 months

of the applicants with whom the chatbot communicated
candidates pre-selected by the chatbot and put in contact with HR managers
of the candidates communicated with the chatbot over the weekend, and most outside normal working hours
of time was saved by HR specialists by outsourcing the pre-screening process to the chatbot

What they’ve said about us

Our collaboration with Feedyou has taken place at a very professional level. Deploying a chatbot and Facebook campaign helped us expand awareness of our company and helped bring new employees into our ranks.Kateřina Pořízková, HR Manager @ Mubea

What we’re planning next

We will wait for the overall results of this extraordinarily successful implementation of the chatbot so that we can further develop it, and teach it to communicate with a focus on the other strategic positions that Mubea needs to fill.

About Mubea

Mubea is the market leader in many industrial sectors involving springs, and in recent years it has achieved globalisation in all major countries. Its current turnover is 2.2 billion € with 13,000 employees in 39 manufacturing and development locations around the world. It is currently concentrating to a greater extent on the automotive industry as a chance for further development.

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