Jablotron chatbot

We helped developers find other developers at a time when their HR department had nobody in it. The Geek chatbot was 10 times more successful than traditional advertising channels.

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  • Problem

    Jablotron is an excellent purely Czech tech company that stands or falls by its high-quality developers and engineers. However, within the labour market, their developers and engineers remain at an absolute minimum, and if the company wants to grow, they must either bring in workers from abroad or test new communication channels to reach out to these people and convince them to change.

  • Our solution

    For the communication and recruitment of HW and SW developers, testers and electro-technical engineers, we prepared the Radka chatbot, which communicated with developers 24/7. It turned out to be a good step, since most developers chatted with our chatbot at night and outside standard business hours. Over the course of time, we have incorporated various developer quizzes and IT jokes into the chatbot, which has made an already good conversion rate even better and gave us more information about the candidate’s knowledge of programming languages and how quickly and in what way they solve certain tasks that they might encounter in their new job.

8 weeks

applicants communicated with the chatbot on career websites
relevant candidates left their contact information
more successful than standard advertising channels

What we’re planning next

We want to expand the chatbot to cover other strategic positions and we plan on deploying a chatbot in the areas of Candidate Experience, FAQs and Onboarding so long as we are able to fulfil the client’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) after 6 months. At the same time, we also want to develop chatbots outside of HR and in the direction of customer support.

About Jablotron

JABLOTRON GROUP a.s. is a Czech group encompassing multiple tech companies, with a tradition dating back to 1990. Since its inception, it has focused primarily on security and communication systems, including follow-up security services, thereby providing solutions for the protection of property, and user health and safety.

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