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Gi Group was the first recruitment agency in the Czech Republic to launch a recruitment chatbot. And we were there!

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  • Problem

    Our client, which is one of the five largest European agencies of Gi Group, was the first agency in the Czech Republic to deploy a recruitment chatbot on a massive scale, mainly for the recruitment of shop assistants for Prague’s shops and luxury boutiques on Pařížská Street, where you’ll find such luxury brands as Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and Gucci. Among other things, the chatbot had to find candidates with experience in fashion sales and language skills.

  • Our solution

    We built a virtual clone of the real HR Manager at Gi Group, Veronika Olšanská, who invites relevant candidates whom the chatbot has selected over for an interview. For now, the chatbot is focused primarily on candidates from the area of fashion and clothing sales. Within two and a half minutes, the chatbot is able to find out about a candidate’s experience in fashion sales and what languages they speak, thus, saving HR a lot of time.

2 weeks

conversations with the chatbot
people pre-selected for a further interview
of time saved by the HR department by outsourcing the screening process to a chatbot

Where are we now

The incredibly successful campaign and the sales assistant recruitment chatbot are still up and running, and we are constantly improving the chatbot.

What they’ve said about us

We are currently using the chatbot to recruit for the shop assistant position, not only for fashion stores in shopping centres, but also for luxury boutiques on Pařížská Street. In just a matter of minutes, we are able to use the chatbot to find out if candidates have previous experience in fashion sales, what languages they can speak, and when they can start work. Also, most importantly for us, we get the candidate’s contact information so that we can call them up immediately and offer them the job that is best suited for them, because they have specified what they want in their future employment in their prior communication with the chatbot.Carlo Albanese, Country Manager @ Gi Group

We are already talking about success. The first week after its launch, more than 200 people communicated with the chatbot and about 25% of them left their contact information. And, interestingly enough, we received the most responses after regular business hours. We are proud to have found a way to use modern technological tools to reach out to our target group and significantly increase the number of candidates for any given position. Antonio Misiti, Marketing Manager @ Gi Group

What we’re planning next

We will continue to jointly develop the chatbot to recruit sales assistants, while also creating another chatbot to recruit manufacturing operators for both the Czech Republic and Poland. There also many future strategic positions that await us, including in our country and abroad where Gi Group operates.

About Gi Group

Gi Group is the leading Italian multinational staffing agency, and one of the world’s leading providers of labour market development services. They offer services in the areas of temporary staffing (temping), direct candidate search, executive search, outplacement, education and HR consultancy.

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