Feedyou Chatbots

As a company that creates and sells chatbots, we need a chatbot as our showcase on our site, which we constantly continue to innovate.

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  • Problem

    We wanted to showcase a new functionality to the visitors of our site that, in our opinion, will be the industry standard in the near future. At the same time, we wanted to offer them a new and fresh communication channel where they could learn everything about our products and services, and also place an order directly.

  • Our solution

    Together with our colleagues, we created the Roman Prorok chatbot, who is also our colleague. The Roman chatbot offers fast orientation into our products and services while at the same time being able to respond flexibly to our visitors’ needs and always offering an adequate solution.

What we’re planning next

Our objective is for people to start using the website in a completely new way. Instead of using an outdated linear menu, full-text search or forms, people can start using just a chatbot, who will display all the requested information, and tell us, as the operator, everything we need to know about the user. For this reason, we plan to constantly innovate our Roman chatbot, adding new NLP models and communication branches so that the communication resembles communication with a living trader in our company.

About Feedyou

“About Feedyou” makes up this entire website, so if you are interested in learning more, talk to our chatbot, Roman.

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