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“The Robert chatbot helped us communicate with and preselect employees for manufacturing. In the past we were using job ads only. Which, in the highly competitive environment of the Liberec region, just wasn’t worthwhile in the long term. We are completely satisfied with the chatbots, and we’re now widening their reach to include technical and money-management positions.”

– Robert Soukup, Human Resources Recruiter @ Knorr-Bremse


“Our satisfaction with Feedyou is truly huge. I have to appreciate their eagerness and their superb approach. They communicate and create in the language of today’s millennials, and they know what they want. They managed to find a superb and functional meshing of our corporate standards and the needs of this online generation. That’s why we’re currently broadening our cooperation with Feedyou and are planning to implement chatbots throughout the whole Continental Automotive Czech Republic group.”

– Hana Jančulová, Senior HR Specialist @ Continental Trutnov


“With Feedyou, we’ve created a Facebook campaign to support the PKS brand among young people and the recruitment of foremen and their assistants. We got great candidates from VUT, and I’ve got a green light from management to keep on collaborating with Feedyou. We’re looking forward to the Šárka chatbot.”

– Šárka Matyášková, HR Manager @ PKS holding a.s.


“What intrigued me about work with Feedyou was their creativity and their viewpoint, so different from my generation’s. Thanks to their approach, they were able to find new application SW developers for us. I thank them for that. I’m looking forward to our future cooperation and to their help in reaching out to business engineers and offer analysts.”

– Petra Šefčíková, HR Manager @ ERA

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