A chatbot for every company occasion.

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Implementation as a part of employer branding, sourcing and PR.

When you’re spending 10 thousand or even 100 thousand on your open house, children’s day, or recruiting event, there’s nothing more efficient than giving potential attendees supplementary information in the way they like best. Communicating over Facebook Messenger or Viber the day before the event, when they’re discussing it at home.

What do you gain?

Attention and a positive stance from the people addressed, because they didn’t have to find the information: it found them. This increases your conversion rate – they’ll really flock to you. You can ask them beforehand what they’re interested in, and if they’d like, the event host or hostess can focus on precisely that topic. As they leave the event, they’ll be happy to leave you sincere feedback– no more bothering them with mailings or calls.

Time is money.

How many new CVs will the conversion increase for your communication bring in, or how much will it increase your brand’s customer perceived value? How much less time will the organizers at your HR and marketing department spend answering additional questions and getting feedback? The numbers here will vary depending on your expenses for the whole event. But they will definitely be in a better place than they were before you implemented the chatbot.

The ideal timing and implementation:

2 months before the event – as the event draws closer, the campaign’s impact and chatbot usage will increase. And 1 month after the event – getting feedback and follow-ups is precisely why you’re preparing the event.

The ideal time to have the chatbot ready:

1 month before launch. This will kill two birds with one stone, because a communication tree and communication style are also the foundation for hitting the bullseye and getting conversion for your visuals. Next come implementation, testing, and full operation.

How you’ll use it for events:

Already working just with your first source materials, you can easily prepare a spinoff PR type: HR events. And deploy it again and again, with the agile addition of minor changes and the improvements you’ve discovered in past events.

Want it faster and cheaper?

We’ll supply an instant chatbot template for your event and deploy it after minor changes. A children’s day or open house with a chatbot giving basic information? No problem!

About ZAT

ZAT, based in cities of Plzeň and Příbram, is the oldest Czech company in the field of automation of technological processes with more than 50 years of history.

It focuses on the development, design, production, installation and servicing of electronic equipment, control systems and their components, and among other things, in the manufacture of medical devices.


that’s how many people started
conversations with the ZAT chatbot


of them reached the end of the script and applied
for the talks and workshops


that’s the conversion rate
we achieved with the chatbot

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