The Most Desired Company

Who I am

I’m the chatbot Josefína (Josephine), a copy of the real Josephine: a student at Charles University. I need just 5 minutes in your Facebook Messenger to learn all I need to know about your idea of the perfect employer and add you to The Most Desirable Company student competition.

What do I do

I send pics, use emoticons, and talk to you in the same way that your friends do. I learn and record all the important information that you tell me. And finally, I’ll enter you in a competition for cool prizes from my partners at Bosch, Škoda Auto, Prim, Heineken, and more.

Where I stand

I was able to handle over 3,777 inquiries in 3 months of my existence. The high school and university students I target have a choice to either vote using old-school Google questionnaires, or to talk to me. And what’s my score? It’s 3,777 to 523 in my favour. 😛


that’s how many students my campaign
reached on FB, Instagram and LinkedIn


that’s how many students
voted with me via chat


that’s how many students voted
through old-school Google Forms


that’s how much more successful
than the questionnaire I am so far

For the first time in the history of this competition, students can answer questions in an interview with a chatbot: Josephine.

The competition’s organizer, Klub zaměstnavatelů, was looking for a way to get as many young people to vote as possible. We thus created the Josephine chatbot and started a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Students can communicate with Josephine on Facebook, Messenger, and the website that we and our subcontractor designed so as to ensure that it all made sense.


Try out Josephine

She communicates cleverly

Originality and authenticity are both a must in our Youtuber age. Which is why we’ve built this competition on a student, Josephine. She’s the face that calls for action.

She takes perfect notes

Live export directly into Google Sheets.

She knows when to ask for help

Josephine was only 2 weeks old. But she could already handle over 98% of voters and their answers. And when she isn’t sure, she connects to the real Josephine automatically.

She’s available 24/7

Day and night, and on weekends and holidays.

An impersonal approach and questionnaires are OUT!

Why not try something new at your company? The fat lady has sung for traditional questionnaires. Chatbot-based voting will entertain respondents while building your company’s positive, innovation-based PR. And we’re also developing our chatbots’ technology to make them smarter and save you even more time.

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