About the project

While their HR room lay empty, we were communicating with several candidates at once.

NEXTAP, a Czech company focused on developing comprehensive mobile solutions tailored for iOS and Android, was seeking to fill its ranks with talented new developers. We utilized revolutionary technologies and incorporated a chatbot in our campaign that communicated with young people even at 8 PM – right when they’re online the most often.

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Need to mention

Our first adopter

NEXTAP was the very first company to decide to use chatbot technology for recruiting. And we made sure we were doing it right.

24/7/365 communication

While their HR room lay empty, we were communicating with several candidates at once.

Thoughtful technology

To err is human. And so when a machine is doing your work for you, you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong.

Building brand recognition

We built a NEXTAP marketing campaign on Facebook. We showed off what they do with whom, and how.

HR specialist that never sleeps

Their HR staff are there from 8 AM to 4 PM only, and only from Monday to Friday. But young people are mainly available in the evening.
NEXTAP decided to use the Feedyou chatbot and picked up several interview candidates right away.


people learned about NEXTAP
and its job opportunities


of them showed interest in a chance to shine
in front of NEXTAP management


those were our “business hours” for
communicating with them and
discussing their dreams

We introduced the company in a whole different light

We most often run into the situation where companies don’t know how to adequately present their corporate culture. But an even bigger problem is that when they do work this out, they aren’t able to catch the attention of the person looking at their offer at the right time. For NEXTAP, our first step was to prepare a company image. Then we set up the chatbot so that potential applicants could immediately discuss further details – even at 8 PM.

Our solution

Fun and a real point. The two things that every young developer expects from their job. We thus processed NEXTAP requirements, examined the target demographic, and began circulating a simple message: “Even work can be fun.”

We created 7 Facebook posts specifically targeted at the relevant user group, as well as 3 newsletters and 2 stories about the life journeys of selected employees.

The results

45 people communicated with the chatbot. 5 eager developers went on to the final round of the hiring process, and in the end 2 were employed. The real effect here was that we spread awareness of the NEXTAP brand among 21 thousand people from Pardubice and Prague.

But our cooperation with NEXTAP didn’t end there. We are now preparing a campaign and a chatbot for communicating with and preselecting young talents for the positions of iOS and Android developer, designer, and project manager. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for brands and recruitment.

What they say about us

Our talks with Feedyou, and mainly with Vojta Dlouhý, went well, and our communication wasn’t lacking anywhere. Our comments were respected during the campaign’s preparation phase, and there was always an attempt at compromise. Every step was justified and explained. The concluding meeting had a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. They told us some tips on how to work with the campaign results, and what options we have. I think that when looking at the price/quality ratio for their services and at the results of the whole campaign, our cooperation with Feedyou was of large benefit for our company. I’m looking forward to our continuing cooperation.

– Viktor Šmídl, CEO @ NEXTAP

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