Client's input

Home Credit, a Czech non-banking institution, helps people finance their purchases. Mainly through repayments, credit cards, and cash loans. Meanwhile, people who dream of working and living abroad can fulfill that dream by participating in their HC NET global trainee program. A great opportunity to travel and gain work experience – but it was also one that only very few people knew about. We had to address as many relevant candidates as possible by October 2017.

Our solution

We started with a comprehensive analysis and target group definition. This program is a huge opportunity but is also very challenging. It was important to know that we’d be targeting the right candidates. We focused on communicating Home Credit’s excellent position on the financial market and their use of the latest technologies. We created appealing visuals on the subjects of challenges and travel. 

Specific results

Our social posts brought 691 relevant candidates to their career microsite. We told stories – for example on how HC NET has set Adam Varga on his way to explore and lead a team in China. We reached over 30,000 young people, and the campaign received enthusiastic responses. Their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge post was especially successful.

Client's response

“The visuals that Feedyou created for our program were wonderful. It’s clear that their people are far closer to the target group than I am. I couldn’t write texts that would be so on point. And it was all on time and matched the plan. I’m looking forward to our future cooperation.”

– Iva Měřínská, HR Marketing Specialist @ Home Credit

Adventurers welcome!

We approached adventurers and focused on the challenges of the HC NET program. It’s aimed at brave graduates of analytical and economics programs. Our task was to ensure that candidates would see it as one of the best.


In each of the visuals, we introduced a country that HC NET can take you to – countries such as the Philippines, India, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, the USA, or Kazakhstan.

More than just loans

Data analysis and state-of-the-art technologies are all in a day’s work at Home Credit. It was important to project this fact into our communication.

The power of communication

Speaking of communication: young people don’t browse job portals. So our campaign ran on Facebook and Instagram and spoke to candidates in their language. We used stories to build up a relationship with candidates.


that’s how many people we reached
with the challenge of adventure


months of sharing stories and
communicating day and night


brave analysts showed a desire
to set forth into the world

Future cooperation is knocking at the door

The most important point that Home Credit has learned (thanks to us) is that you need to start building a relationship with young people much sooner than their 5th year of university.

“In 2018, we’re planning more campaigns, including the use of the handy Feedyou chatbot for the whole Home Credit group, so that it can help us communicate with young people and save us time replying to the most frequently asked questions. It will save us a lot of work during the hiring process. It will even be implemented on the new career website that we’re preparing together with the Feedyou developers.”

– Iva Měřínská, HR Marketing Specialist @ Home Credit

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