The mission from the client

Lower the time spent handling recurring questions, to enable tech support to deal with more pressing problems. Follow the example of major financial groups in implementing modern technologies for the digitalization and automation of company processes. Fincentrum is a Czech company engaged in providing financial advice services, as well as services in corporate transactions. 

What phase we’re in

Fincentrum is using a chatbot for technical support – and building it together with us. This enables its broad network of financial consultants and managers in the Czech Republic to handle problems in real time 24/7 and get help immediately.

What are our results?

Over 160 conversations with the chatbot after two weeks of full operation; 57 cases where the chatbot could advise or connect people with a specific request to the right employee. A 16% reduction in the time that the IT Helpdesk spends handling recurring questions.


that’s how many conversations it handled
in two weeks of full operation


the chatbot could help every third person
without the need for human intervention


that’s how much less time is now needed
for handling recurring questions

The areas that the chatbot handles:

Notifying of IT service downtimes in the Fincentrum group.

Helping with license purchases.

Helping with the use of internal applications’ features.

Refining specific questions for IT support and connecting people with the right employee for the problem they’ve described.

More about chatbots in HR

Quick and easy adaptation of the communication tree.

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