Client's input

ERA, a world leader in next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions, came to us with a big challenge. They work with interesting technologies and wanted to draw in young blood for their development. Until then they had used only traditional recruiting and marketing channels – which were not very successful among young people. Besides all that, they faced another problem – people often confused them with a savings bank account brand that has the same name.
And so we helped them.

Our solution

We first performed a thorough review of their work, what makes it interesting, and whom to target in the subsequent campaign. After hours of analysis, we formulated brand visuals with just one goal – to present ERA as a global company working on the future of safe air traffic. We launched a Facebook and Instagram campaign focusing on people from selected regions and schools.

Specific results

We were able to find new application software developers and sales engineers. To spread brand awareness among 55 thousand young people and connect the management with the DELTA high school in Pardubice – the organizer of the StudNET student IT competition. And it doesn’t end there. ERA decided to keep working with us, and right now we’re hunting new analysts for them.

Client's reaction

“What intrigued me about work with Feedyou was their creativity and their viewpoint, so different from my generation’s. Thanks to their approach, they were able to find new application SW developers for us. I thank them for that. I’m looking forward to our future cooperation and to their help in reaching out to business engineers and offer analysts.”

– Petra Šefčíková, HR Manager @ ERA

We presented the company within different media

The most frequent problem we find at companies is that they don’t know how to authentically show their corporate culture and atmosphere through the eyes of teenagers, in whom new ideas are born. For ERA, we handled this very simply – we photographed everything and created a time-lapse video and a successful social media campaign.

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