Making room for a chatbot

We focused our campaign for Continental, a German manufacturer of car parts, break systems, turbochargers, etc., on high school and university students. We spoke their language and we communicated with them in places they visit daily.

The planning

We defined our expectations. We prepared an analysis of whom we wished to reach, how Continental stands among its competitors, and what its unique selling points are.

The execution

We created 16 paid Facebook promotions. We interviewed current trainees and publicized stories about Jakub Blažek and Miloš Pátek.

We’re preparing a chatbot

Based on the data we’ve gained, we’re preparing a chatbot for this campaign. And in line with the client’s EVP, we’re working on a strategy for automating their communication with the help from chatbots.


that’s how many potential young
trainee-program candidates we reached


that’s how much we raised the interest in
internships at Continental year-on-year


it only took that many months to fill up
the capacity of their trainee program

“Normally it would take us a year to fill the trainee program, but now we’re done in just 4 months.”

– Hana Jančulová, Senior HR Specialist @ Continental

What Continental is saying

“Our satisfaction with Feedyou is truly huge. I have to appreciate their eagerness and their superb approach. They communicate and create in the language of today’s millennials, and they know what they want. They managed to find a superb and functional meshing of our corporate standards and the needs of this online generation. That’s why we’re currently broadening our cooperation with Feedyou and are planning to implement chatbots throughout the whole Continental Automotive Czech Republic group.”

– Hana Jančulová, Senior HR Specialist @ Continental Trutnov

“I think that this is a trend that has been on the market for some time now and that effectively gives us the opportunity to move our recruitment activities in a modern and trendy technological direction – and to also find ways to communicate with generations Y and Z, which are at home on social media.”

– Milan Souček, Country EBR & HR Communication @ Continental Automotive Czech Republic

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