You should learn what we’re like.

We’re responsible, disciplined, and internally motivated. What we do is what we enjoy.

These are the sorts of people we’re looking for. The right people, disciplined, energetic, who will jump in with us headfirst right from the start. They’ll understand what we do. And they’ll vouch for their results. They won’t break down when things occasionally get rough. Positive people who enjoy what we do.

Get to know us

Feedyou values

  • We’re pros – we deliver a top-notch product and services.
  • We’re an example to others.
  • We trust each other and tell things like they are (without fluff – we know what we want to do and with whom).
  • We don’t consciously repeat our mistakes.
  • We’re constantly improving our skills.
  • We surround ourselves with the right people for the things we need.
  • Emotions don’t affect us (they’re a good servant but a poor master).
    Emotions are there to be enjoyed.
  • We’re open and tell the truth.
  • We don’t mistake bootlicking for loyalty. We’re loyal, and so we tell even the hard truths.
  • We love confrontation that leads to growth, movement, and a healthy environment. We’re not yes men. That goes double for bosses, teammates, and our customers as well.
  • We call a spade a spade.

If this is the culture where you want to grow, write us and say what you’d like to be doing. Maybe we need you and just don’t know it yet.

But right now we’re looking for these specialists for our team:

Chatbot backend developer

We don’t care what languages you already know; we’ll just be happy if you’re willing to learn our languages – JavaScript and Node.js – and keep up, or maybe even surpass, our CTO Jan Dvořák, who you’ll be teaming up with.

Chat with Jan

Project manager

Communication with clients and our Key Account Manager; getting the information needed for production; watching deadlines and budgets. Giving our production team the tasks they need so that the client receives a product they will love. One that will make them want to pay us again and again – and even recommend us everywhere. Ideally, if you could supplement and replace our COO Vojta Dlouhý, who will teach you everything he knows and walk the road with you.

Chat with Vojta

Chatbot and communication specialist

The chatbot’s technology is very important. But its soul is even more important. The chatbot is exactly like the person who brings it to life. Maybe smart, pleasant, quick, slow, timely, and/or concise. Our clients need to have a master at hand who will draw up the whole communication narrative that the chatbot will be built on and will slowly learn and improve from. Someone who will tinker with the format of the questions and answers and, when they see spots where users jump ship to talk to a real person, fine-tuning those spots. So that the chatbot becomes a true communication partner. You’ll be working directly with the client to enter all this straight into the tool where the chatbot is born. David Fiedler will give you more information – he’s given a few chatbots their souls already.

Chat with Dave

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