Employer Branding

Implementing a clever chatbot will amplify the results of all your activities aimed at building a relationship between your company, the people out there, and your whole surroundings.

Sourcing & Recruitment

Finding, reaching, and preselecting job candidates turns a clever chatbot into a conversion chatbot – one that’s also a positive experience for both the hunters and the hunted. Believe it.

The Candidate Experience

Getting feedback from candidates face to face is next to impossible. With a chatbot, it’s a piece of cake.


A chatbot will make onboarding a true self-service process and will help your employees onboard and adapt when they’re ready – not just when you are. Put a stop to massive losses of new employees in their first few months.

FAQ & Company Policy

A clever chatbot as a virtual HR assistant will answer your employees’ most frequently asked questions. And make sure that they aren’t ashamed to ask questions.

Employee Training

HR training sessions with help from a chatbot are effective, and in combination with interesting multimedia content, they’re an interesting alternative to traditional presentations and training videos.

Common Questions

Employees often spend hours seeking basic company information. A chatbot will ensure that they’ll find it quickly instead.

Benefits Enrollment

Company benefits are one of the HR areas with the biggest potential for losing one’s way. Meanwhile the chatbot can serve as a navigator for the personal and career development.

Let’s take a look at what our chatbot can do.

It collects and integrates data

It integrates communication outputs into your CRM, ERP, and ATS systems or into Google Sheets and Microsoft Office 365. It can then turn that data into executive summaries.

We use proven technology

We build our chatbots on the proven Microsoft Bot Framework technologies. They run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, GDPR compliant.

It learns and improves

We innovate and update the chatbot technology nonstop. We’re improving its communication abilities using both AI/NLP technologies and UX testing. And as for you, you’re always getting the best.

It saves you money and increases conversions

It works 24/7/365. No contracts to sign, and no vacation time. Meanwhile it saves you time that you can invest into added value. It vastly increases efficiency and the conversion rate for HR marketing activities.

One monthly fee for everything

Technology improvements, new AI developments, and reports with results, all delivered monthly, just in time. All tailored so that your use of the chatbot and its skills will perfectly fit your requirements and the abilities of your people to absorb automation and artificial intelligence in communication. We watch over it all for you.

Easy control and perfect freedom

Even though we offer comprehensive services, you can manage your chatbot’s contents at any time in a user-friendly app.

It’s available on these platforms.












Web Chat

Quality and experience have their value.

A chatbot for 6 months

from EUR 1,000 / month

for 12 months

from EUR 800 / month

for 24 months

from EUR 600 / month

The price is calculated based on the scope of the chatbot, the integration and the technical support. It includes defining the chatbot in the HR process – setting up the chatbot’s communication method with a view to the target group – creating the decision-making diagram based on which it will operate – connecting the chatbot to your web or a selected instant messaging apps – monthly management – development – and periodic reports with results.

Instant chatbot

EUR 300 / month

We choose a prepared template for communication with candidates for a selected position or a universal position in the HR process. Data report type, communication in a Google spreadsheet. We set up where your chatbot will be available. And you can begin.

Ideal for small and medium-sized companies, or for getting initial data from the chatbot’s operations for going on to build a larger chatbot for large companies.

This price covers the chatbot’s operations and technological improvements to the platform. UX improvements and broadening the scope of the communication tree, meanwhile, are a part of the individual chatbots.

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